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Chemical (8)

Akzo Nobel Surface chemistry
......the science that can make the difference in your high performance and cost-effective industrial processes.

Ashland Chemical
Your one-stop source for performance chemicals, resins, plastics, adhesives, and waste and energy management services for industry.

Callery Chemical
Callery Chemical has built a reputation as a supplier of innovative specialty chemicals for industrial and R & D applications. Largest producer of potassium and sodium-derived strong bases.

Chemical Solutions International
Chemical Solutions International has or will develop that chemical compound specially needed for your project.

Deepwater Chemicals
Deepwater Chemicals, Inc. a subsidiary of Tomen America, has long been a source of fine iodine derivatives to domestic and foreign customers. Winner of numerous quality awards from its clients, Deepwater prides itself on quality and consistency of its fine chemicals.

Elan Chemical
We are dedicated to producing the highest quality natural and synthetic products available in the flavor and fragrance industry.

Jones-Hamilton Co.
Jones-Hamilton Co. has been a leader in producing, packaging, and distributing chemicals for a variety of customers and end users for over 50 years.

Montana Sulphur and Chemical Company
Montana Sulphur and Chemical Company, located at Billings, Montana is a major manufacturer of sulfur and sulfur-based products for agriculture and industry.

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