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A&K Petro-Chem Ind. Ltd.
We offer over 4000 in-stock chemicals for the laboratory, pharmaceutical, food, cosmetic, coatings, and electronic process industries.

Chresset Chemical Company
Cresset Chemical Company is an innovator in Release Agents, Curing Compounds, Sealers, Hand Cleaners and other products for the concrete construction industry.

Cole Chemical & Distributing, Inc.
Cole Chemical distributes chemicals, lubricants, resins, lab chemicals, specialty gases and related products.

L.V. Lomas Chemical Distribution e-Commerce Website
L.V. Lomas is one of Canadas largest specialty chemical and related products distribution companies, established for over 40 years.

Pro-Tex-All Company is a manufacturer of facility maintenance chemicals and a market-leading, wholesale distributor of chemicals, supplies and equipment.

READE® Advanced Materials
READE® is a well established manufacturer, value added processor and global distributor of higher technology metal, alloy, mineral, ceramic, composite, intermetallic, and specialty chemical compositions.

Tilley Chemical Co.
One of the largest chemical regional distributor in the United States.

Welcome To BrainerdChemical.com
Brainerd Chemical Company is located in Tulsa, OK. We carry many different bulk chemicals including Nitric Acid, and ordering online is easy.

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